Coaching for the serious entrepreneur, business person, and high-performance minded individual.


High performers have a distinct way of thinking that when consistently applied outperforms all of their competitors and creates the mental edge needed to reach their goals and achieve peak performance.    Learn the areas of your life you need to conquer in order to attain peak performance and achieve your goals faster.


High performers have different routines and daily practices than everyone else.  Nothing is overlooked or undervalued by the high performer.  Everything is considered, measured and implemented for efficiency, efficacy, and results.  Only when results are being realized are new practices adopted and made into habit.  


When you implement and consistently apply the techniques and strategies of high performers, you will meet with a success and joy uncommon amongst most people and will be rewarded with the freedom to pursue your own goals and dreams, stronger connections and relationships with people, and the joy of living a fully charged life.

Enroll in a 12 session one-on-one high performance coaching program with me, Vrej Garabedian, a certified high performance coach.

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Please note that not everyone who applies will be accepted. I only wish to work with those who are seeking radical change in their lives and who are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals and dreams since those are the people my services are designed to benefit the most and I want to ensure that you get huge value from my coaching services.  I am offering a 1 hour, no obligation high performance coaching session for $97.  Apply now for an application, below.